Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vacation with My Son

It is been a while since my last post here. Before I post anything, I want to thank you all who dropped by and left comments to congratulate me for having a PR 2. I still cannot believed that this blog got PR. Thank you all for your support and daily visit here. Okay now that is done I just want to inform some of you who do not know yet that me and my son are going to Philippines to visit my family there. It will be his first time and I cannot wait for him to meet my family. My parents are excited their first grandchild. We are leaving on March 29th. I will share our trip and adventure in the Philippines. Also I will post some pictures.

As you all know traveling takes a lot of time to plan and do what we need to be done before we get on board that airplane. This coming Friday we are going to visit my son's Doctor to check what shot/s he needs to get before we go to Philippines. We already got his passport and our plane tickets. What left for us to be done is to pack and get his shot/s.

You all know that infants and toddlers needs to be on their car seat not just in the car but also in airplane. I did my research online to see if there is another thing I can use besides carrying a big bulky car seat. It will be hard for me to carry my son's car seat because I am small. Thankfully I found CARES. It is a belt and buckle device for kids who weighs 22-44 pounds that is easy to use and creates a safe airplane seat for our child without the hassle of carrying a 20 pound car seat. Plus it is the first and only Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved harness-style child safety device for kids. It is easy to use and carry because it only weighs 1 pound. Isn't it good news for us parents? If you want to learn more about this product you can check it out here.

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