Sunday, April 19, 2009

One Month In Laguna

Yes we will spend the rest of our vacation here in Laguna because of my passport. I have to wait till they issue my new passport before we can go to our province to see the rest of our family. My father and my two siblings are excited to see my son. Unfortunately they have to wait till end of this month. My son is having a good time here while me I'm gaining weight and getting darker each day. It is very warm here and me and my son sweats a lot. Despite of sweating I'm still gaining weight instead of losing it lol. Oh well I will just have to spend time in treadmill when I get back home. Got to go now. I will upload pictures when I get home next month. Thank you all for your visit.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Trip to Tagaytay

We had our trip to Tagaytay last weekend. I thought it would be a cooler weather there but that day it was warm. It was humid and windy at the same time. The Picnic Groove improved! They added a cable and a sliding thing that a person can get into and slide to the other side. It was kind a scary but thrilling. I took so many pictures but I don't have it now so I can share it with you yet. My son enjoyed the place and his waling escapade. What funny is that I became a photographer, which means I don't have many pictures of myself. Till then I will post more and upload some pics next time.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Quick Post

This is just a quick post after long days of absents. I finally found time to get online today. Just to let you all know why I can't visit all of you lately, I am now in the Philippines to visit my family here. I went to an internet place here just to get online and to post a new topic. I will blog about our journey here soon. Right now I want to thank you for keep visiting my blog. God Bless You all!