Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Here's a story of a girl asking for the Miracle that she needs for her brother. Read it below why this one is touching. Thanks to my mother-in-law for sharing this to me.

A little girl went to her bedroom and pulled a glass jelly jar from its
hiding place in the closet

She poured the change out on the floor and counted it carefully. Three
times, even. The total had to be exactly perfect. No chance here for

Carefully placing the coins back in the jar and twisting on the cap, she
slipped out the back door and made her way 6 blocks to Rexall's Drug Store
with the big red Indian Chief sign above the door.

She waited patiently for the pharmacist to give her some attention, but he
was too busy at this moment. Tess twisted her feet to make a scuffing
noise. Nothing. She cleared her throat with the most disgusting sound she
could muster. No good. Finally she took a quarter from her jar and banged
it on the glass counter. That did it!

'And what do you want?' the pharmacist asked in an annoyed tone of voice.
"I'm talking to my brother from Chicago whom I haven't seen in ages," he
said without waiting for a reply to his question.

"Well, I want to talk to you about my brother," Tess answered back in the
same annoyed tone. "He's really, really sick..and I want to buy a

"I beg your pardon?" said the pharmacist.

"His name is Andrew and he has something bad growing inside his head and
my Daddy says only a miracle can save him now. So how much does a miracle

"We don't sell miracles here, little girl. I'm sorry but I can't help you
," the pharmacist said, softening a little.

"Listen, I have the money to pay for it. If it isn't enough, I will get
the rest. Just tell me how much it costs."

The pharmacist's brother was a well dressed man. He stooped down and asked
the little girl, "What kind of a miracle does your brother need?"

"I don't know," Tess replied with her eyes welling up. "I just know he's
really sick and Mommy says he needs an operation. But my Daddy can't pay
for it, so I want to use my money."

"How much do you have?" asked the man fromChicago

"One dollar and eleven cents," Tess answered barely audibly.

"And it's all the money I have, but I can get some more if I need to."

"Well, what a coincidence," smiled the man. "A dollar and eleven
cents---the exact price of a miracle for little brothers."
He took her money in one hand and with the other hand he grasped her
mitten and said "Take me to where you live. I want to see your brother and
meet your parents. Let's see if I have the miracle you need."

That well dressed man was D Carlton Armstrong, a surgeon, specializing in
neuro-surgery. The operation was completed free of charge and it wasn't
long until Andrew was home again and doing well.

Mo m and Dad were happily talking about the chain of events that had led
them to this place.

"That surgery," her Mom whispered, "was a real miracle. I wonder how much
it would have cost?"

Tess smiled. She knew exactly how much a miracle cost...one dollar and
eleven cents....plus the faith of a little child.

In our lives, we never know how many miracles we will need.

A miracle is not the suspension of natural law, but the operation of a
higher law.

The Danger of Flu to Children

We all know that getting a flu shot every year is important. It will protect us from getting flu and it's severe complications. It is more important for kids younger than five years old. Certain groups of children are at increased risk for flu complications. Vaccination is the best method for preventing flu and its potentially complications in children. To learn more about influenza vaccination visit this link CDC-Infuenza (Flu)

The Danger of Flu to Children

Flu is more dangerous than the common cold for children. Each year, flu places a large burden on the health and well-being of children and families.

  • Children commonly need medical care because of influenza, especially before they turn 5 years old.
  • Each year an average of 20,000 children under the age of 5 are hospitalized because of influenza complications.
  • Some children will die from the flu each year. During the 2007-08 flu season, CDC received reports that 86 children died from influenza-related complications.
  • Severe influenza complications are most common in children younger than 2 years old.
  • Children with chronic health problems like asthma and diabetes are at especially high risk of developing serious flu complications.

Christmas Gift

We got our son a bike for his Christmas gift. Of course we didn't forgot to get him a helmet and knee pads to protect him. He also got clothes, toy cars, dvd of Barney and Thomas the train. He also got a 4 wheeler from grandma and grandpa.

Here's my son riding his 4 wheeler and bike.

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Son Learns Everyday

Another day for my son and his silliness. On this picture seems ordinary right. Well there is a story behind this pictures. My son here is exploring our bedroom. He climbed up to our bed and decided to jumped up and down and realized that it was fun doing it. So he was doing it for a while and got tired of it and he lie down. It was so cute that he figured out to lifted the comforter and get in to it. He doesn't use blankets or flat sheets when he goes to bed for whatever reason I don't know why he refused to use blankets, that's why I was impressed that he figured this one out. I took pictures of him and showed it to him. Every time I take pictures of him he wants to check it out and he will say wow! He also knows to say cheese now when he sees a camera but the problem is he doesn't know he needs to hold it until the camera flash. He just do it and laugh and that's it. So if I want to take pictures of him I should be ready to capture his smile quick if not I will miss it.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Few days ago I decided to take pictures of my son wearing his red outfit for Christmas. Actually I want him to wear it for his Dad's Christmas Party. He wore this outfit last year and I wanted him to tried it on to see if it still fits on him. The pants still fits but the polo shirt and the vest looks small on him. During the pictorial my son is not cooperating with me. He kept moving and doesn't want to stay still. It was hard to get the shot but I managed to get some cute pictures of him. Check it out below.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Little Rock Star

Here's a video of my son jammin that night of Manny Pacquiao and Oscar De la Hoya's dream match. I think he will be a rock star someday. He likes to play his guitar and jump up and down. Sometimes he is singing while playing his guitar. The video above is only the small portion of his concert that night. I was too late to video him.

Monday, December 15, 2008


We had our Christmas Party in my friend's house in Killeen held last Saturday. It was also her daughter's 3rd Birthday Party. The kids had fun playing in a room they turn into a play room. While the kids are busy playing, we are busy eating and chatting. We had so much fun! It was nice to see my friends again. I know my son enjoyed playing with his friends too. Since we moved here in Austin we never met anyone yet that we can call friends. That's why going to Killeen is always fun! We had exchange gifts and we did karaoke that night. Here are some pictures taken last Saturday during our Christmas Party/Birthday Party.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Silly Boy

Yesterday I took a nap on our couch while my two year old son's busy playing. I was so tired and I passed out. When I got up and went to checked my email. I did not hear my son so I looked back to see what he is doing. Well this pictures will show you what he is doing. It is so cute that he copied me. I cannot resist it so I took pictures of him doing silly stuff. I just thought I shared it with you. Have a good day everyone!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sneaky Junk Food

Warning from a new study in Obesity Reviews, packaged foods marketed to kids may claim to be healthy but they are often not. In an analysis of more than 350 supermarket products for kids, 89 percent were high in sugar, fat, or sodium. Yet 62 percent of these foods touted health benefits. They spotted these offenders on store shelves. Check out the list below:

Fruit drinks with added sugar touted as a "good source of calcium." But they only contain a measly 10 percent fruit juice.

Sugary children's breakfast cereal labeled "whole grain". In fact, the cereal contained just one wimpy gram of fiber in a full serving.

Certain fruit snacks boasting "100% vitamin C." Sure, the snacks are C-rich, but we looked at the ingredients, and the first one listed is corn syrup.

"Naturally flavored" frozen pizza snacks. Too bad that half of the fat in the ones they examined is either of the saturated or trans variety.

Some packaged lunch kits bragging "excellent source of protein". They are also an excellent source of sodium -nearly 40 percent of a day's worth.

Isn't this alarming. Now that we know about this foods we can't just ignore this and continue feeding our kids with this healthy foods that turns out it isn't. Lesson here, it is still the best way to cook meals for our kids. Fresh fruits is good for them as a snacks. When it come's to juice make sure you read every thing what it contains. This is a depressing news for most of us but it is not too late to act right.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Connie Talbot

While I'm surfing on YouTube I found this video of a little girl name Connie Talbot. She is the six year old girl who joined the Britain's Got Talent. I'm amazed of what lovely voice she got. They said she's the most talented and best singer they know as a six years old kid. She likes to sing famous songs like I will always love you, Ben, Over the Rainbow and many more. I'm pretty sure her parents are so proud of her. She is now 8 and still singing. She's very cute and a talented girl. Watch the video below and see it for your self.

Very impressing huh?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Update About SIDS

If you are a parent you must already know about SIDS ( sudden infant death syndrome). For those who will be a first time parent, just want to let you know that SIDS means a baby can die in her sleep. Experts believe that a baby can die in her sleep if she breathes exhaled carbon dioxide instead of oxygen. New research published in Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine finds that putting your baby to sleep with a fan in her room may significantly reduce her risk of sudden infant death syndrome. New study shows that increasing air circulation in a room where you baby sleep can help. Using a ceiling fan, a desk fan, forced-air heating, or even an open window can help, according to Ed Martin M.D., chief of pediatrics for Kaiser Permanente in Vallejo, California. Here's more tips to prevent SIDS: Put your baby to sleep on her back, avoid soft bedding, never smoke in her room, and don't share a bed.

The last tip maybe hard to do to some parents who very attached to their babies. I can't blame you as a parent we feel much better if we can see our baby and know their safe. There is one thing you can do about it. Get a portable crib or move his crib to your room. Let him sleep on his crib and you can check on him if you need to. This way you feel much better to know he is there and you can see him. He is safe too cause he is sleeping on his crib. There is nothing more we want but to make sure our baby is safe.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


When life is hard and

Payday is still so far away

And when the salary comes it's not enough

there is only one thing to do

Cute huh! This baby is so cute. I love his facial reaction. My mom-in-law sent me this! Just thought I share it with you. I think most of us loves to see baby pictures, specially if this cute. I bet his parents are enjoying him and loves to take a pictures of him. I know I do. When my son was a baby I loved to took a picture of him. Babies grow fast and I want to captured those moments and look back sometimes what he did that day and I have a pictures of him to look at.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Been A While

It's been a while that I post new stuff in this blog. I'm sorry for that. I've been busy lately and don't have time to post here. One reason's why I didn't able to post here it's because we got sick. My hubby got sick first and then my son, last is me. It is hard to take care my son if me myself was sick too at the same time. Thankfully we all doing fine now. It's time for us to take our flu shots pretty soon. That's it for now folks I will go lie down now. We all need to take rest now for tomorrow's Thanksgiving Party. I still need to make my Chocolate Chip Pie. I will update you what will happen to our party tomorrow. Good night for now! Thank you all for visit and Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cake Please!

All of us sometimes craving for cake. Below is a recipe's of different kind of cakes you can use for the coming holidays! We don't want to feed our kids sweet stuff I understand that but I think once in a while is not that bad. Click on any cake you like and you will learn how to make it. Enjoy the recipe Mommies!

This is remarkable & just in time for the holiday baking season! Even if you have no particular interest, please pass on to the bakers in your life.
Just click on the name of the cake and bam the recipe appears!

'Night Before Christmas' Coffee Cake

'Real New York Style' Cheesecake Supreme

A Cake That's Fit For A Queen

Amaretto Italian Sour Cream Cake

Amazing Tropical Fruit Cake

Apple and Nut Cake

Apple Cake

Apple Cake

Apple Sauce Cake

Applesauce Fruitcake

Apricot Nectar Pound Cake

Baby Cheescakes Baby Cheesecakes

Banana Cake

Barron Family Cheesecake

Baumtorte (Tree Cake)

Becky's Pumpkin Cupcakes

Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake

Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake

Broken Angel Cake With Chocolate Chips

Candied Fruit Cake

Carmel Coffee Cake

Carrot Cake with Hot Glaze

Carrot-Pineapple Cake

Cherry Cake

Cherry Cake Sauce

Cherry Cheesecake Cups

Cherry-Pineapple Dump Cake

Chocolate Angel Food

Chocolate Browny Cake

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Chocolate Cookie Sheet Cake

Chocolat e Éclair Cake

Chocolate Ice Box Dessert

Chocolate Logs

Chocolate Lovers Heaven Triple Threat Chocolate Di

Chocolate Sheet Cake

Chocolate welington fudge pudding

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cake

Christmas Cake

Christmas choclate cake

Christmas Mixed Glace Fruit Loaf

Christmas-Comes-But-Once-A-Year-Chocolate Cake

Cinnamon Morning Delight

Coca-Cola Cake

Coconut Cake

Cookie Pizza

Cream Cheese Icing

Cream Cheese Pound Cake

Cream Puff Cake

Creamy Chocolate Cupcakes

Creamy Chocolate Layered Cake

Decadent Chocolate Cake

Decadent Fudge Cake

Deluxe Chocolate Marshmallow Bars

Dream Cake

Dreamcicle Cake

Drizzle Cake

Earthquake Cake

Easy Cocoa Snack Cake

Easy Coconut Cake

Éclair Cake

Edie Ching's Cherry Cheesecake

Eggnog Cake

Extra Moist Coconut Cakes

Festive Pumpkin Gingerbread

Flower Garden Cake

Fruit Cake

Fruit Cocktail Cake

German Chocolate Upside-Down Cake

Golden Bacardi Rum Cake

Gooey Butter Cake

Gum drop cake

Heavenly Pecan Cake

Hedge Hog Cake

Holiday Cake

Holiday Poke Cake

Holiday Rum Cake

Honey Bun Cake

Honey Cake

Hot Fudge Pudding Cake

Hummingbird Cake

Ice-Cream Chocolate Roll

Jewish Apple Cake

Johnny Appleseed Cake

Lemon Cake

Lemon Poppyseed Cakes

Lemon Pound Cake

Linda's Yule Log

Mama's Homemade Banana Cake

Mandy's Cake

Microwave Scottish Pudding

Mini Fruitcakes

Miniature Cheesecakes

Mississippi Fudge Cake

Mississippi Mud

Mock Lemon Meringue Cake

Neiman Marcus Cake

No Bake Fruit Cake

Norwegian Gold Cake

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cake

Old Fashion Pound Cake

Old Fashioned Light Fruitcake

Orange Date-Nut Cake

Orange Slice Cake

Oreo Cheesecake

Peanut-Topped Devil's Food

Pecan Icing

Pennsylvania Dutch Pastry

Pineapple Heaven

Plum-Nut Cake

Pound Cake Pound Cake

Pumpkin Cake Roll

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Pumpkin log

Pumpkin Nut Roll

Pumpkin Pie Cake

Pumpkin Roll

Queen's Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Reese`s white cake

Reese's Brownie Cupcakes

Refrigerator Chocolate Cheesecake

Russian Tea Cakes

Russian Teacakes

Santa's Breakfast Cake

Self-Filled Cupcakes

Shirley's Chocolate Sheet Cake

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Sour Cream Pound Cake

Southern Apple Cake

Swedish Nut Cake

Tiny Christmas Fruitcakes

Toll House Carrot Cake

Triple Chocolate Torte

Turtle Bars

Turtle Cake


Watergate Cake

White Christmas Loaf

World War I Cake

World War II Cake