Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sneaky Junk Food

Warning from a new study in Obesity Reviews, packaged foods marketed to kids may claim to be healthy but they are often not. In an analysis of more than 350 supermarket products for kids, 89 percent were high in sugar, fat, or sodium. Yet 62 percent of these foods touted health benefits. They spotted these offenders on store shelves. Check out the list below:

Fruit drinks with added sugar touted as a "good source of calcium." But they only contain a measly 10 percent fruit juice.

Sugary children's breakfast cereal labeled "whole grain". In fact, the cereal contained just one wimpy gram of fiber in a full serving.

Certain fruit snacks boasting "100% vitamin C." Sure, the snacks are C-rich, but we looked at the ingredients, and the first one listed is corn syrup.

"Naturally flavored" frozen pizza snacks. Too bad that half of the fat in the ones they examined is either of the saturated or trans variety.

Some packaged lunch kits bragging "excellent source of protein". They are also an excellent source of sodium -nearly 40 percent of a day's worth.

Isn't this alarming. Now that we know about this foods we can't just ignore this and continue feeding our kids with this healthy foods that turns out it isn't. Lesson here, it is still the best way to cook meals for our kids. Fresh fruits is good for them as a snacks. When it come's to juice make sure you read every thing what it contains. This is a depressing news for most of us but it is not too late to act right.

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