Saturday, December 6, 2008

Update About SIDS

If you are a parent you must already know about SIDS ( sudden infant death syndrome). For those who will be a first time parent, just want to let you know that SIDS means a baby can die in her sleep. Experts believe that a baby can die in her sleep if she breathes exhaled carbon dioxide instead of oxygen. New research published in Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine finds that putting your baby to sleep with a fan in her room may significantly reduce her risk of sudden infant death syndrome. New study shows that increasing air circulation in a room where you baby sleep can help. Using a ceiling fan, a desk fan, forced-air heating, or even an open window can help, according to Ed Martin M.D., chief of pediatrics for Kaiser Permanente in Vallejo, California. Here's more tips to prevent SIDS: Put your baby to sleep on her back, avoid soft bedding, never smoke in her room, and don't share a bed.

The last tip maybe hard to do to some parents who very attached to their babies. I can't blame you as a parent we feel much better if we can see our baby and know their safe. There is one thing you can do about it. Get a portable crib or move his crib to your room. Let him sleep on his crib and you can check on him if you need to. This way you feel much better to know he is there and you can see him. He is safe too cause he is sleeping on his crib. There is nothing more we want but to make sure our baby is safe.

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