Monday, December 8, 2008

Connie Talbot

While I'm surfing on YouTube I found this video of a little girl name Connie Talbot. She is the six year old girl who joined the Britain's Got Talent. I'm amazed of what lovely voice she got. They said she's the most talented and best singer they know as a six years old kid. She likes to sing famous songs like I will always love you, Ben, Over the Rainbow and many more. I'm pretty sure her parents are so proud of her. She is now 8 and still singing. She's very cute and a talented girl. Watch the video below and see it for your self.

Very impressing huh?


Anonymous said...

oh yeah! i love that girl. makes me cry when she sings. lol

Ria said...

she;s like a little cherub singing with an angelic voice...very cute!

btw, i have a mini contest running right now and you might want to join the fun. see you there!

Brix said...

she's a great singer :)

Nortehanon said...

Hi Ria!
Connie Talbot! I so love her! During the Britain's Got Talent contest, I was torn between her and Paul Potts because I really like them both. Paul Potts won.

I have been visiting the different record bars here pero wala pa talaga akong makitang seller ng album ni Connie :(. I hope someday makarating ng Pinas ang album niya.

Thanks for visiting my site. I appreciate it. Thank you also for your intention to help. it is nice that many people are willing to help. Hindi naman po nagmamadali 'yung project. You can send the pens anytime because it is going to be a year-round project. I gather, distribute, gather again, and then distribute. Tuluy-tuloy lang po :)

irel said...

That girl has an angelic face and voice:) she's going to be somebody someday..Thanks 4 allowing non-google users to comment:)

callister said...

she is adorable..
and now you are living in the states?
i always wanted to do that..
get out from my country and go there..