Sunday, April 19, 2009

One Month In Laguna

Yes we will spend the rest of our vacation here in Laguna because of my passport. I have to wait till they issue my new passport before we can go to our province to see the rest of our family. My father and my two siblings are excited to see my son. Unfortunately they have to wait till end of this month. My son is having a good time here while me I'm gaining weight and getting darker each day. It is very warm here and me and my son sweats a lot. Despite of sweating I'm still gaining weight instead of losing it lol. Oh well I will just have to spend time in treadmill when I get back home. Got to go now. I will upload pictures when I get home next month. Thank you all for your visit.


irel said...

When I went to the Philippines on 2006, I stuffed myself like I was in famine for a hundred years! I just missed everything. 2006 was my 2nd and last visit. 2005 i went to Cebu for only a first visit and I didn't do anything exciting except getting important papers. hopefully when we go back and visit , we can do more exciting things and go to exciting places~! on 2006 me and my husband and my eldest son went to tagaytay here's the link for that : .
anyway, have fun, you should go to gubat sa Syudad and to enchanted kingdom while u'r in laguna!

SweetMom(PinayMom.ORG) said...

where in Laguna are you right now? I'm from Sta. Rosa, Laguna..near Enchanted Kingdom.

I hope you will love your 1-month stay here.

Whisper said...

nice post :)

lovesports said...

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