Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good Eat

Q. Getting kids to eat clean is a big problem. How does one solve this situation?

A. You may never solve it completely, but you start by example. Then only buy the wholesome foods you, yourself, eat. Don't have white flour, sugar, bacon, soda, butter, chocolate and candy in the house. There are healthy substitutes for these. Just put one egg yolk in an egg white omelet and only stock cereals that are sugar-free and whole grain.
If you find your kids spending money on candy and french fries, tell them their allowance will be suspended, and confirm that you are only doing it for their good.
The problem is when they are at school or college and you can't supervise their eating habits. You have no control over what they eat and drink at college. Hopefully your positive influence will kick in once they're away from home.

Source: Oxygen Mag


indra putu achyar said...

hello, good morning... have a nice day friend... :)

it's bdh said...

As a wise words say, 'You can not teach a new trick to the old dog' then the good moment to teach our children a nice behavior is when they are still young as they will carry on until when they're growing and become an adult :-)