Friday, October 24, 2008

Best Shows For Kids

Most of the kids love to watch TV. As a parent we want to make sure they are watching appropriate programs that will help them learn. There are some shows that will be helpful for your child learning process. This fall there are some new shows coming to the small screen.

Imagination Movers- You can watch this show from Playhouse Disney. The live-action series showcases the group's tunes while also teaching kids hot to solve problems or idea emergencies. The kids will love this show because of music, jamming of the band.

Toot & Puddle- This new show is about two pig pals who like to go on adventures both around the globe and in their own backyard. This will be good to exercise your child's mind about different things and places this pals will going to explore.

Martha Speaks- This is another children's book series that now on small screen. This show is about a dog name Martha who eats a lot of alphabet soup and learns the ability to speak. This will show will help boost your kid's language skills and expose them to new words.

Sid the Science Kid- This show will help preschoolers tackle their most pressing questions, such as "How does a bird fly without a plane? Or "Why do bananas go brown and mushy? And a lot more questions. This show will answer most of our kid’s questions and learn from it.

Three of this shows my son like to watch. We watch Sid the Science Kid and Martha Speaks every morning. On Saturday we watch Imagination Movers. My son loves music that's why he loves watching these shows. He also likes watching Backyardigans, Word World, Sesame Street and Super Why.

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