Thursday, October 30, 2008

Busy Days!

Hi friends I'm sorry for not posting anything new for couple of days. We are so busy I can't even see straight. I'm so tired! My back s killing me because of moving and packing our stuff. Yesterday my hubby started to load our stuff and brought it to our new place. Aside from moving thing, tomorrow is my son's big day! I went to my friend's house yesterday to help her set up the place for my son's day tomorrow. Maybe you're asking why we are doing the party at my friends house. Well because we are moving to Austin we decided to do it here in Killeen but it will be in my friends place because the house that we are living now is need to be clean for inspection. There's still more need to be done. I still need to order his cake and buy him gift today. I took an hour to check my blog. I would like to let you know also that I maybe not going to check on your blogs for couple of days till our internet connection is hook up to our new place. Please continue visit and I promise to check on you soon. Thanks!

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